Are You A Healer?

If you are that guy in the office that everyone dumps their emotional crap on...

You might just be a healer!

If people say "I always feel so much better after talking with you", and you feel drained after...

 You might just be a healer! 

If you work hard healing people all day and don't quite get to your self care...

 You probably know you are a healer but perhaps I could assist in your healing. 

I am being strongly guided now to use my gifts to assist in healing my fellow healers.

Healers of the planet we each have our own unique gifts and purpose no matter how small.  If we all do our part, WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!  Healers, we need to be ready, THE TIME IS NOW!

Opportunity to heal past relationships.  Let’s do that!  If we as healers can not get past our discrepancies, grudges and misunderstandings of the past we can not be clear to do our Divine jobs.  No bridges have been burned.  Let’s heal it together!

Only come if you are willing to heal; to look within to look beyond.  It may be intense.  We have the space to be vulnerable.  Be vulnerable.  Let your guards down.  Safe space is here.  Let the song birds lull you into that space where healing occurs.  

I may not have all the answers but together we can start asking the right questions.