Price point for everyone!

Over 20 years I have compiled quite a few therapies and a little experience that is priceless.  However, I do not wish to exclude anyone because of money.    I strive to give you “your moneys worth” no matter the price point.  Choose a price point that reflects the value I offer.  You are worth it! I am worth it! 

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Different Ways for Different Days

Kelly-Lynn Andrew, Noel West Photography, Massage Therapy, Energy Healing

Direct Billing

I am a Registered Massage Therapist with 20 years experience.  She is set up to direct bill to most Insurance Providers


I LOVE ME SOME BUCH!  And I make home brew Kombucha.  Interested in the benefits it can offer your body.  I am passionate about gut health and microorganisms.  Try it, you may like it!